Swimming Pools

We can advise you on the right choice of pool construction and provide expert knowledge to help you select what is right for you, your home and your budget.
PVC lined pools are very popular, they have a lightweight wall-panel structure with a PVC liner vacuumed into place, installation is typically about 4 weeks.
We supply and install the professional range of Wooden swimming pools. We recommend them for strength, quality and beauty, the best in industry equipment and an excellent range of sizes and configurations.
The alternative is a concrete reinforced, mosaic tiled pool.
As a guide, these are about twice the price of a liner pool and take around 10-12 weeks to complete. If you have an unusual design or shape in mind or if you need lots of extra features then you may find that a concrete tiled option will be the right choice. Again, we use the best construction techniques and equipment to ensure your pool will give you pleasure and enjoyment for many years.

Servicing and Refurbishments

Pool and Spa Servicing

Take the worry out of pool maintenance with a service contract from Simplex Pools. We look after all types of pools and offer a range of contracts including spring commissioning, winterisation and routine servicing. Simply pick the level of service that suits you best.

Our prices are competitive and there are extra discounts when you select the pre-pay option.

Alternatively, simply get in touch when you need any of our pool services and we’ll be glad to help.

For servicing call 03455 761084. Alternatively you can use our calculation tool on our site to tailor your package and get a competitive quote by clicking here.


Refurbishments and liner changes will revitalise a tired looking pool. We can provide a simple liner change or re-line or re-model your concrete pool. We use the best quality liners available – and all work is carried out by our skilled and highly trained technicians.

You can rely on Simplex Pools to keep your pool and Spa sparkling and looking like new.

For all enquiries on Servicing and Refurbishments, please contact us on 03455 761084 for advice on the options available.