Horizontal Enclosure

The Horizontal Enclosure

The lowest level moving enclosure available from Aquacomet. It is super flat as well as being elegant, just the sort of easy to use pool cover to keep the heat in and the leaves out.
• Width from 4.0 to 6.4 metres
• Height is from 0.4 to 0.8 metres - depends on width
• Price excludes installation

A Telescopic pool enclosure is the perfect answer to the changeable British climate as it allows an outdoor pool to be converted to an enclosed pool in a matter of minutes.

We offer a huge range of Enclosures which are suitable for any pool size or shape and will fit into most environments, because of the colour options and styles that are on offer. The range has low level type enclosures to the full height fixed type
with a wooded' type finish, there is something for everyone.

Swimming pools in your garden offer a source of fun for the whole family, and having an enclosure allows you and your family to enjoy the pool for most of the year, even during bad weather.

An enclosure can also add peace of mind by helping to secure the pool from unsupervised access. They help to protect your pool environment from the outside elements, and decrease the amount of chemicals that are required in looking after the water. They help to stop leaves and debris from entering the pool and help to keep the heat inside, as well as reduce the costs of pool water heating. All in all a great accessory to your pool.

The use of an enclosure need not be limited to covering a swimming pool to extend the seasons. Lean-to options are available that can be used against the back of a house or even to cover a restaurant terrace. The options are Endless - the decision is yours.

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