Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass has been the material of choice for centuries with manufacturers of mosaic tiles. The versatility of glass means that where a variety of colour and finish is required you need look no further than the glass mosaic tile ranges that we offer. Our range of glass mosaic tiles include 200mm glass, classic glass, gold vein glass, hexagonal glass and metallic glass mosaic tiles all competitively priced.

For that added touch of luxury we also stock a range of glass mosaic tiles that include gold threads that will look stunning on walls in swimming pools, bathrooms, kitchens and showers. A range that is taking the UK by storm is hexagonal mosaic tiles so why not give your kitchen or bathroom a makeover and be on trend and add style to your tiling project.

How practical are they

Glass tiles are very practical and can be easily and quickly wiped clean which is ideal when used in kitchens where dirt, grease or food can be splashed onto tiles, a simple wipe and they look like new again, in bathrooms tiles will get constantly wet including soap, shampoo or cleaners that can make the tiles look dull, if these items aren’t washed away with water residue and water marks are hard to remove but using glass mosaic tiles takes this problem away, a quick wipe of the tiles will remove any soap or water marks and retain their gorgeous glass looks.

Get creative

Because we sell such a wide range of various colours, sizes and shapes you really can be as creative as you want when purchasing glass mosaic tiles, being creative also allows you to fit tiles into any situation or décor whether it be new or existing, whether it be hexagonal mosaic, square glass mosaic, textured glass mosaic or metallic mosaic tiles we have a range of glass tiles that will suit your needs and budget.