Pool Cleaners

The biggest problem for first time buyers is that they have no idea what pool cleaner to go for. Whether or not they need a suction, pressure or robotic pool cleaner. I have provided some information below;

Suction Cleaners;

  • Lower price compared to robotic
  • A suction cleaner will commonly be attached to your pool skimmer, so if you only have one, all of the attention will be used by the cleaner whilst in use. (Some have a specific vacuum line)
  • The suction cleaner will work like a vacuum on your pools filtration system, requires little intervention from users.
  • They only work when the pump is running so can be costly on energy bills
  • The filter pump basket can get blocked if the cleaner doesn’t have an in-line strainer basket.
  • Popular brands: Hayward, Pentair, Zodiac
  • Easy maintenance

Pressure-Side Cleaners;

  • Popular cleaner, most common is Polaris
  • Fueled by the water pressure from the jets
  • Has its own filter bag
  • Sometimes requires a booster pump to run work
  • Medium – large debris collection
  • Relieves pressure on filter
  • They only work when the pump is runningĀ  so can be costly on energy bills
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lower price compared to robotic
  • Has a tail to bring up any stubborn debris at the bottom of the pool

Robotic Cleaners;

  • Plug and play operation
  • Own power source, no pool connections
  • Mostly premium prices
  • Brilliant cleaning
  • Most popular cleaners
  • Energy efficient
  • The filter does need to be emptied
  • Can pick up small – large debris
  • Brushes to clean and scrub the pool service
  • Reduced pool maintenance

If a list of pros and cons doesn’t help, get in touch with one of our swimming pool engineers for free expert advice. We are happy to help.


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